Company Introduction

In 2018,Joinleader established a joint venture with France Saint-Gobain Group to establish Joinleader New Materials Co, which greatly improved the company's development strength and potential afterwards, and achieved a 35.8% growth after the joint venture.
Since 2013, Joinleader has been the No. 1 exporter of adhesive products in China for seven consecutive years. Our products are distributed in more than 160 countries and regions around the world. We provide quality products and services for many world-renowned companies and brands. They are exported to India, United States, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and have a mature market in the local,which providing quality products and services for many well-known companies and brands around the world. Our team has more than 18 years of adhesive experience, 27 technicians and more than 20 patents. The turnover of Joinleader in 2019 is as high as 104 million US dollars, which is an annual increase of 35.8% compared with the turnover of last year.

Company Culture

Excellent Adhesive and Sealant Solution Provider
Just in time
Anywhere around in world

Companies Big Event

JOIN LEADER, Excellent Adhesive and sealant solution provider

Joinleader was founded in 2000, on providing professional products and solutions of adhesion, sealing and waterproof for consumers.

Guided by the needs of users, we combine the basic scientific research and front-end applications to continuously develop innovative products. At present we have more than 2000 kinds of products, for home decoration, construction, automotive aftermarket three major market segments, to provide a sound product line and solutions. 

Based on self-built ERP system, we work closely with upstream and downstream enterprises to create a sound and flexible supply chain system that can quickly meet the diverse order needs of users around the world. We do integration quality management from raw material to users. Since 2010, we have been China's Top 1 adhesive export, our products are located in more than 160 countries and regions around the world. We provide quality products and services for many world-renowned companies and brands.

November 2018, Joinleader and Saint-Gobain group joint venture, set up the state Joinleader New Materials Co., Ltd., to become a member of the world's top 500 group enterprises.

Joinleader will adhere to the development philosophy of Saint-Gobain group " CREATE GREAT LIVING PLACES AND IMPROVE DAILY LIFE ".

Through the Saint-Gobain group's global resources, Joinleader will be connected to more excellent supplier resources, and the management level and supply chain capabilities will be comprehensively strengthened.

In conjunction with Saint-Gobain Group's world-leading material technology and R & D capabilities, we continuously enhance Joinleader existing products and solutions, and will gradually develop bonding, sealing, aquatic products and solutions in the automotive industry, rail transit, aerospace, healthcare, electronics and other fields.

Joinleader is always committed to achieving the satisfaction and success of every customer, rusting each other in cooperation and growing together.